Christian Trailers

Welcome to - your one-stop hangout to watch trailers of some great faith-based Christian films that help build up the body of Christ. We have included many good titles here which we've thought to be of good moral value, and most importantly pleasing to the heart of our Father in Heaven. These suggestions are our suggestions. We hope you will take time to pray before watching the movies and then discuss the subjects after, with Bible in hand, and in an attitude of prayer.
We have not included various titles if we have not yet watched them yet and some movies were left out because some of the theology behind the movies left us worried rather than blessed. Some movies may be listed in multiple categories, as some of them span various genre. The titles are listed by genre and in alphebetical order, for your convenience.
If you are a producer wanting to get your Christian film or films listed here, please contact Christian Trailers at and we will try our best to have your film listed ASAP. We hope that this listing will bless you and the ministry greatly. If you are a church or ministry wanting to screen the films or documentaries, please purchase a site license with us by emailing us, and letting us know which titles you are interested in.
Movie fans, we hope that you will benefit from this listing and pray that you will be greatly enriched in your faith. These Christian Trailers are a guide to what's available today, and a glimpse of what's in store soon in the days to come. We are looking forward to serving you better with more titles and materials. Blessings to you from which is another ministry of and